30 Tigers in 30 Days – #13: Octavio Dotel

2011: 5-4, 3 saves, 3.50 ERA, 17 BB, 62 K in 54 IP
Career: 54-47, 108 saves, 3.74 ERA, 396 BB, 1077 K in 888.1 IP

2012 Projections
Bill James:
 4-3, 0 saves, 3.30 ERA, 24 BB, 73 K in 60 IP
RotoChamp: 2-2, 0 saves, 3.44 ERA, 22 BB, 65 K in 55 IP 

Expected Role: 7th inning setup

The Octavio Dotel move is going to fly under the radar, but he could be an extremely valuable bullpen piece this year, especially with Al Alburquerque out until God knows when. He posts healthy strikeout totals, has AL Central experience…really the only thing is he should never ever be allowed to face lefties, because he’s terrible against them. Dominates right handers, though, and will provide a valuable bridge to the Benoit/Valverde combo. His walk rate was way down last year for some reason – wouldn’t expect it to continue, but Dotel will probably do exactly what the Tigers are hoping he’ll do – get them through the 7th more often than not. And that’s going to be a pretty big help.

Next: Miguel Cabrera

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  • spartynation1  On February 19, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    This was definitely a yawner at the time for most people, but he should be an excellent compliment to Coke.

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