30 Tigers in 30 Days – #24: Jacob Turner

2011/Career: 0-1, 8.53 ERA, 4 BB, 8 K in 12.2 IP

2012 Projections

ZiPS: 5-5, 4.82 ERA, 46 BB, 78 K in 134.1 IP
RotoChamp: 7-8, 4.56 ERA, 46 BB, 101 K in 140 IP

Expected Role: Fifth starter/Toledo

Is Jacob Turner the frontrunner for the fifth starter role? That depends on who you ask. Turner, of course, is the top prospect in the Tigers’ system. He showed flashes of promise in his three spot starts last year, but he wasn’t very effective holding runners, and as time went on, he wasn’t very effective period. People will want to see more strikeouts out of him, most likely, but the bottom line is he’s succeeded at every level of the minors he’s pitched at.

How would Turner fare this year? Hard to say. The projections give him decent numbers, certainly passable for a fifth starter, but he’s still 20 years old until May. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Tigers start him in AAA – he only has three career starts at Toledo, and they might want to make entirely sure he’s ready. On the other hand, the Tigers haven’t been shy about giving youngsters rotation spots out of spring training before. If Turner has a good spring, don’t be surprised if the club takes him north with them.

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